As you may know not ALL Home improvement Projects adds Equity to your home.

But Kitchen & Bath Renovations adds the Most Value- Equity to your home;

Kitchen Remodel

85 Percent Return on Investment, Projects budgeted at around 10% of the total home value

see the strongest return.
Kitchen Remodels are the second most popular projects, at 70% with the average Large Kitchen Remodel
Costing around $ 50,000 & ROI of 55% , Smaller Kitchens with average $ 25,000 Renovation cost and 83% is recouped. 

Kitchens are often outdated in style & technology, Storage solutions & gadgets, Design schemes and layout, sometimes can be almost claustrophobic with poor movement patterns.

Expanding the Kitchen, creating an open floor plan, or simply reevaluating the current structure to create a more expensive feel can not only increase the homeowners enjoyment of their kitchen, The heart of the house, one of the areas of the home most people spend immense amount of time while sentient.

But it will also dramatically increase their home’s resale value.


Bathroom Remodel

65 Percent Return on Investment, the average Master bathroom remodel costs around $ 15,000
A Midrange bathroom addition costs around $ 30.000 with return on investment of at least 56%