Bath Remodeling

Bath remodeling project may be needed. If any of those items in your home have seen better days, this may be a good time for a major upgrade by kitchen & bath makeover.

Make your kitchen and bathroom stunning, comfortable and functional
Add equity to your home and start enjoying all the exciting new functions.

The bathroom upgrades, much like the kitchen, depend on how much space is available. If you have a small bathroom, the smallest change can make a considerable difference. A floating Vanity can provide just the right amount of storage. Another small upgrade you can make is by updating to new lighting fixtures.

Just because most bathrooms are small doesn’t mean they don’t make a big impact on your lifestyle, design statement and Home Equity.

You will need a bathroom remodeling plan when hiring a professional. Because you have limited space in a bathroom, it’s critical to have a comprehensive plan that includes lighting and storage.
HM Kitchen and Bath offers Complimentary Professional Interior Design to accompany the remodel process from A-Z.

Should you enlarge your bathroom?

One of the great advantages of hiring a contractor is that you can find out how much it would cost to enlarge a bathroom. A contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling will often advise you to enlarge the space by using space from a nearby closet or hallway or bedroom. Most people only enlarge master bathrooms or bathrooms adjacent to a guest suite. A powder room near the kitchen or laundry area is often fine as a small space.


Is it best to remove a tub?

In order to install over-sized showers that are so popular now, many architects advise removing tubs in at least one of the bathrooms. Typically, people want a large shower and garden tub in the master bathroom suite. However, a tub that isn’t used in a second or third bathroom is space that's simply wasted.

How do you prioritize?

Other factors to consider when prioritizing a bathroom remodeling job include storage and lighting. For the most part, lighting is a fairly inexpensive part of the equation although it’s good to invest in quality decorative lighting and task lighting. The cabinets' configuration plays into the storage equation. Some of the other decision to make include whether or not to spend more money on upgraded vanities, sinks and flooring.


Granite countertops are extremely durable and require low maintenance, which makes them a favorite in many homes. Granite countertops are unique and give you plenty of options in terms of colors. Engineered stone countertops are your best choice if you wish a more contemporary look.
This type of countertop is comprised of 93 percent quartz and is scratch, stain and heat resistant as well.